About Us

About us

Canadian-pride is a food manufacturer, local supplier and exporter based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It is a subsidiary of Canaddin Pride Foods and is wholly engaged in the food business. We endeavor to get the highest and best quality edible oils to our valued consumers worldwide.

Canola oil brought to you under the brand Canadian-pride is processed and bottled by one of the leaders in the Canadian Food Industry under the most stringent quality checks. The plant is modern with a state of the art technology. The oil is tested and certified by the Canadian Government Food agency. The sealed product once packed in Canada is only opened by you, thus ensuring purity and freshness in every single drop. We want you to be a healthy family!

We will continue to meet high standards of our consumer’s expectations --
the Canadian-pride standard.

Our business is founded on the belief that “our word is our culture.” Today, as a business entity, we believe in a culture of trust and respect and this our benchmark by which we do business. We operate with integrity and accountability and committed to our consumers in a responsible way.

Canola Oil Exporters in Canada

We are currently exporting to many countries globally and our presence has increased steadily in each country where we launch our products, as we move to various overseas markets we reduce our environmental impact, provide healthy products to the communities where we serve.

The product, Canadian-pride is available in different volumes , so as to meet the requirements from a small family to large kitchens. Canadian-pride takes utmost care and pride in bringing this vegetable oil to your kitchens. The taste and freshness of this oil is ensured in every drop.

We at Canadian-pride believe in adding value at every stage of our product while it journey's from Canada to the millions of homes and hearths around the world. It is our endeavor to make cooking and eating a healthy practice, so that we always remain healthy.

Canada has been the leader in canola oil exports and we are one of the leading canola oil manufacturers in Canada. Our company thrives to export the best quality canola oil through out the globe. Canada's exports of canola oil is one of it's major commodity that is being exported world over. We belive in manufacturing premium canadian products and deliver the highest quality canola oil to our consumers.

Canadian-pride dedication to quality is a worldwide commitment solidly backed by:

  • » Stringent quality control measures.
  • » Providing pure and trusted product to our customers.
  • » State-of-the-art production and transportation technologies.
  • » Nutrition education to help the public understand the benefits of cooking with Canola oil.
  • » Dedicated to the better health of the people we serve with dignity and respect.
  • » We conduct our business with integrity, keep accurate and honest records and meet business obligations with a commitment to being a responsible global citizen.

Throughout the supply chain, Canadian-pride uses several forms of packaging and packing materials, some of which are made of plastics, carton and wood. To achieve its goal of producing minimal waste, we avoid overusing materials, follows a “Reuse or Recycle” policy whenever possible and introduces more environmentally-friendly resources, such as those that are biodegradable, as they become available.